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In 1914 my uncle Steven Dodulik, the youngest of three brothers, left  Czechoslovakia and traveled alone to Chicago, where his sister, Anna, was living. His parents sent him there because they sensed that WWI was coming and didnít want their son to fight in the Austrian army.   At the age of fourteen, Steven had no particular skills and made his living simply peddling wares.  He moved to Milwaukee in 1916 and although he had no experience, started the Milwaukee Wire Frame Company, making wrought iron lamps and lampshades. During this time, Steven accumulated enough money to send for Louis, the second oldest brother and later, my father Paul, the oldest brother. Like Steven, they both started out with their sister in Chicago.  And like Steven, they later moved to Milwaukee and started a wire business, Economy Metal and Wire Products Company, in 1932. 

In the meantime, they all married but only my father, Paul, had children. While I was in high school, in the late 1940ís, from time to time I worked for my father but had no intention of going into his business. When my father had a small heart attack, he decided to retire and wanted to know if I wanted his share of the business. 

After WWII people were less enamored of handmade metal work and I considered the  ways of both the Milwaukee Wire Frame Company and Economy Metal and Wire Products Company too old fashioned.  Power equipment had just been introduced and I was only interested in taking over their businesses if I could make some changes, if I could modernize.  

So I merged the two companies, incorporated in 1966 and changed the name to Dodco, thereby honoring all three brothers and keeping the family name in the business.

Eventually I had my own family: 3 boys and 3 girls and in 1974 purchased all the existing shares from relatives. Now, after my own bypass surgery in 1991, although I still have a minority share, my sons Paul and Steven, run Dodco.  My other son, Louis, is the legal counsel.

Author: Louis J. Dodulik

What we do:

Aluminum Hangers: When the defense work dried up after WW2 there was lots of aluminum available to purchase but not a lot to do with it. Steve, my uncle, wanted to fashion a hanger out of aluminum that looked like the classic hanger you get from the dry cleaner, only heavier.  Today, the shape remains almost identical to the one he designed. 

Originally, Alcoa, the aluminum people, ordered hangers to sell in their company stores.  At that time we had 5 colors and we sold at least 1 million hangers just through them. Today we have 10 colors and sell them to church groups, gift shops, hospitals and retailers across the country.

Testimony: "I was searching for sturdy metal hangers and the majority that I found all have that rubber knob at the tip that always break off leaving the metal to scrape your hand as well as what seems to have a weaker base where the 2 parts of the hanger come together, until I came across yours. I instantly recognized the design and called my mom to confirm she had purchased the same hangers from Dodco almost 40 years ago, picking up her package straight from your office since she worked right across the street. There is not one flaw on those hangers that indicate any sign of aging after all this time which made me all the more certain I wanted these hangers. Now I can't wait to receive my package! Thank you again!" - Danielle B